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Crowcon GasPro - %LEL, H2S, O2, CO, CO2 - Multi Gas Detector

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Multi sensor gas monitor - %LEL, H2S, O2, CO ,CO2

Supplied with Rechargeable Battery Pack, Charger, Datalogging, unpumped with flow plate

The Crowcon Gas-Pro is the perfect solution for confined space workers and fleet managers alike.

Offering detection of up to 5 gases in a compact and rugged solution, the Crowcon Gas-Pro has been designed to allow for the most diverse range of gas sensor configurations. Greater emphasis has been focussed on reduced conflict in sensors in order to provide the most versatile gas monitor on the market.

+ve Safety
Crowcon has introduced a new tri-colour LED system which provides the status indication of the instrument without constantly looking at the screen.

Multiple Gas Sensors
The Crowcon Gas-Pro can feature up to five potentially hazardous gases from an extremely wide range including, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and flammable gases, as well as industry-specific gases such as ozone, ammonia, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

Internal Pump (Option)
Before entering a confined space, operatives will be required to under take samples of the atmosphere to ascertain if it is safe to enter or breathing apparatus are required. The Crowcon Gas-Pro features an internal pump option, taking the pain out of pre-entry testing and allows Gas-Pro to be worn either in pumped or diffusion modes.

Confined Space Solution
• Easy to see top mount display
• Internal pump (option)
• Automatic fail safe flow plate recognition
• Specific and unique Pre-Entry mode
• +ve Safety (Positive Safety) tri-colour status indicator
• Integral over moulded anti-shock case
• Simple single button operation
• Portable, wall and desk mount gas test solutions

• Tailor +ve Safety to organisational requirements
• Monitor 5 gases from many different options
• Multipurpose; pumped and diffusion solutions offering multiple uses within one compact detector

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